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Many areas of legal practice in Seneca, SC

The attorneys of Cain & Williams are hard-working advocates with the knowledge, skill and dedication to effectively represent clients in a variety of legal matters. Call today to schedule your initial consultation and discover how Cain & Williams can assist you with legal matters involving:

Personal injury and worker’s compensation

Personal injury and worker’s compensation

Injuries resulting from the fault of another party can be costly in many ways. Trust Cain & Williams to determine your potential recovery and develop a strong case.

Estate planning

Wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate planning tools are essential for purposes of your medical care and to ensure that the disbursement of assets is handled according to your requests. Get peace of mind with estate planning services in Seneca, SC, from Cain & Williams.

Business Law

There’s a lot that goes into establishing and maintaining a business, and hard work and long hours are just part of it. The attorneys of Cain & Williams understands business law and the actions entrepreneurs need to take to protect their business and their personal assets. Call today to schedule your appointment to discuss business law in Seneca, SC.

Real Estate Law

Real Estate transactions can be very tricky and you may have no idea what your getting yourself into. Paul and Nathan can ensure that your real estate transaction is iron clad.

Our experienced attorneys can also assist you with legal matters involving breach of contract litigation, property boundary disputes and more. Discover how advantageous quality legal representation can be with Cain & Williams, Ltd. Co.

Legal Services we Provide

  • Business and non-profit formation and advisement (Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Incorporation, and more)
  • Contract formation, contract review
  • Breach of contract litigation
  • Civil litigation (Plaintiff and Defense)
  • Personal injury cases (slip-and-falls, automobile accidents, premises liability, and more)
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Estate planning and probate
  • Property boundary disputes
  • Family law matters (child custody, divorce, separation agreements, and more)

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